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A web banner is a graphical element, usually at the top of a web page, that identifies the page and provides some aesthetic appeal. Web banners can be a form of branding for the associated website or a navigation tool for that website. Intended to let a web page visitor know where they are and what they should expect on that page, web banners either act as a gateway to another web page, or reinforce a website's value propositions. The web banner is usually constructed from an image (GIF or JPEG), or javascript or Flash program, and is usually placed on web pages at the top, bottom, or in the side margins.

Web Banners: Different web banner types

Some web banners can be fancy text created in a Graphic program and saved as a gif or jpeg file. Other Flash web banners are animations created with Flash. Other web banners contain photographs, pictures, or other images. Remember that Graphic images take time to download, so when designing a banner pay attention to its file size. The most beautiful banner in the world will not impress your visitors if it takes 2 minutes to download.

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Web Banners: Why do you need web banners?

If you're creating a Website, it is always a good idea to properly label each page of your site with a heading. Many webmasters (or even novice web designers) choose to display a graphic image, or web banner, at the top of their web pages to "tell" the web page visitor what to expect on that page. The advantage of Graphic over text is human beings tend to be more responsive to visual images rather than just plain text. So, if you are creating a Website right now or have one already that you are planning to refurbish, it is a good idea to incorporate attractive web banners in your design. Not only do web banners improve the aesthetics of your website, they allow a consistent location on your website where you can remind your visitors of your company's name, logo, and value that you have to offer them. Think: branding.





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