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Portal web design includes an array of web elements. One of the most important being usability design . Even if your portal has advanced web development features, but is difficult for the average Joe Smith to use, then chances are that Joe will not return to your web portal again.

Web portals are all about online community building. For a web portal to succeed, the portal admin must provide fresh content, which is helpful to the online visitor, interactive elements which make the portal sticky. Theme based portals are more successful financially because they can target specific users for that community.

Web portals usually contain the several web based software tools. We have developed several web development tools like message boards , discussion forums , rating tools , online survey tool as well, as a user friendly admin tool / control panel which can easily be integrated into your web portal.

Portals need to offer interactive communication with its registered members as well as guest visitors. Several online tools like newsletters , polls , chat, as well, as ecommerce applications like online reservation software & more contribute to a web portal's success.

Touch Info Media have developed web portals for our US & UK clients like Dating site, Mobile Ring tones portal, a rating & recommendation portal and an Indian Freelancers & Business card portal.

We are India based outsourcing firm & we are well adept at handling & maintaining corporate web sites. Check out the Outsourcing India section to know why it is cost-effective (not cheap) to outsource web based projects to India.

Get in touch with us now, for a free quote for a professional web portal design for your present or new project.





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