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You've Got Mail! And so does everybody else. It's everywhere. Web sites may have been the first wonder of the Internet. Banner advertising may have astonished marketing mavens around the world.

But the most powerful tool for marketing, the most powerful tool for branding, the most powerful tool for direct response, and the most powerful tool for building customer relationships turns out to be plain old, ordinary email. It's cheap, it's easy, and everybody on the Internet has an address.

We found in our report Opt-in Email Gets Personal said opt-in email "will spread like wildfire". We believe using opt-in email for marketing "will explode" because companies will be lured by high response rates, low costs, and the ease with which any firm, large or small, can get started.

Ask a different research company and you will get a different answer for the average response rate of opt-in email campaigns. We will tell you 5 to 15 percent. Another will tell you 14 to 22 percent. Ask a different email marketer and get a different answer. Some are getting only 3 percent and some are getting 40 percent. But they all agree on three things:

Email marketing is not very expensive, it's not very hard, and it's got a better return on investment than other marketing and advertising techniques.

That would explain why Microsoft sends out more than 20 million email marketing pieces every month.

Targeted Email List Rentals

By using owners' Permission-Verified lists, that matches your target market, you are guaranteed a level of quality that will serve to enhance your identity while marketing your product or service. With targeted CPM mailings, such as these, the costs vary depending upon whether or not you're sending B2B or B2C and if it's a Double Opt-In or Single Opt-In. We would be happy to see what we have available for you if you would share your demoGraphic with us -- no obligation.

Generating Your own Email List

By using a newsletter or a guest book signup, you can create your own Opt-In email base. We will help you develop your Email List Manager and provide you with a template for your Newsletter. Where you can send news and promotions to the client base monthly or weekly, etc.

Email Address Search

We can search for your email address in order to serve you better. For example, you want to send information about a new product that can be used by a Car Dealer. How can you advertise the product only to car dealers and not to the whole world? Simple, do targeted email address search and create an Ad, send it to all, it concerns with.. its that simple!

Subscriber CoRegistrations

A few of our list owners offer our clients the ability to put an offer on their subscription forms. When people sign up for the list owner's newsletter, product, etc - and check the box next to your offer, you get a copy of that person's contact info to use in your own marketing efforts. There's a minimum purchase of 100,000 records and the Cost Per Registration is $.09 (i.e. $9,000 total). These campaigns can run for as long as you like. CoReg's are great because you're paying for actual leads, not possible traffic.

Email Marketing Piece Creation

Web Crafts has the design, marketing and programming staff to help you create the marketing piece you'll send to your prospective clients via email. This includes colorful and professional HTML email messages with well laid-out TEXT-based copies for those who cannot receive HTML.

Landing Sites, Pages & Hosting

If you need to provide a more controlled environment for your online marketing efforts, why not create a special "landing site" written specifically for the goals of this email campaign. We can design this site, add shopping carts and credit card processing, provide tools to help you gather the contact information of your leads and even host it for you for a long or short period of time.

Email Marketing Samples


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